Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Dr. No", the Mad Scientist

He was probably one of the most fun to stitch.  I still have one piece of this canvas left to do but I wanted to go ahead and show him to ya.

On the bottom of his labcoat where you can see the black paint showing through was a painted spider trailing some web tendrils.   I decided to use a fun three dimensional spider button or something and then use a filament fiber on top for the web tendrils.  Unfortunately, my LNS didn't have a good spider so I'm still on the hunt for a really cute one to secure on top of his coat in this spot.   I guess I need to call around to some other shops and find one...or a few since it seems that halloween canvases could nearly always use a cute spider!  

I beaded the beakers and used tortured flair for the smoke...LOVE IT!  Tortured flair: start pulling one thread at the end of a length of basically unravels the strand and makes one hot will look like a lump of dryer lint but then you just sort of wad it up and couch it down. Works really great for smoke or clouds or snow. :)


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Make one. Check out the spider between Belleza's eyes on Blog today.

If you like it I'll send you the diagram. Just email me at to tell me where to email the chart. I used a 6mm bicone crystal and a 11/0 bead in the same color but you can use anything.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

P.S. I think he's my favorite, too!

Goldylox99 said...

What is tortured Flair?

Love him to pieces!

Suzanne said...

Jane, I'm definitely going to check that out. I'm up for a challenge.