Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Time to finish what I start....

Okay, so I've made a resolution that in 2013, I will finish the things I started in 2012....or earlier.    Last year, I did this and made a huge dent in projects.   Of course, then I bought and started some new stuff...[sigh].   I seem to have a pretty large pile of projects that I just stopped working on for one reason or another.  So, I am dedicated to finishing them soon!

I wanted to stitch the Monster's Ball Halloween club for years...finally I did it!  It's an old monthly club from Pocket Full of Stitches in Lubbock, Texas.  And you can still get it if you are interested!  I don't have the background piece but I want it A LOT! 

I bought the canvases, background thread and stitch guides all at one time. I love to do entire sets together. I did the same thing with the 12 Days of Christmas that I posted at Christmas time. I am using my own thread stash and embellishments, etc. to complete this adorable Halloween set. It's been fun to modify it and add some fun touches.

Here is a sneak peek of one of the characters that I've stitched.   I'm resolved to finish this set...then I might "allow" myself to purchase the background piece.   If anyone has it and wants to give it up, let me know. 

I will photograph and post the the ones I've completed until I get them all done.  Stay tuned...



The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

These are really cute. I am eager to see what you do with them.

nancy said...

I love the ACOD peeps