Saturday, December 15, 2012

Turtle love

This was the second piece I stitched after I learned in 2005 (please excuse the poor picture quality)....back then I was so freaked out by the price that I thought a bigger piece would last longer and be more cost-efficient.....LOL   Boy, how things change.  Someone once told me back then that "you get over the sticker shock pretty quickly" and I didn't believe that for a minute.   Hmmmmm......never would have thought that I'd pick up a little 4-inch ornament canvas for $40 and say, "What a great price...this one is cheap!"    Funny stuff.....

Here's to the final stitching weekend for me before Christmas!   My lovely daughter comes home next week so I'm sure we'll be movie-hopping at the theatre and spoiling ourselves.   We're eating vegan and mostly raw so it will be interesting to see what we come up with.  I'm making Black Bean and Corn Salad/Salsa with Avocado for a luncheon next amazing!  And I serve it with raw corn chips.   I'm excited to try some new recipes with AC. 

In honor of Christmas week countdown, I'm going to show my Kelly Clark 12 days of Christmas Pears for the next 6 days!   I didn't think of it in time to do one per day, so you get a double-dose every day!   They are some of my very favorite...the stitch guides are AMAZING!   Stay tuned....and check back every day.

Wishing for a safe and super-happy holiday to all of you!  


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