Saturday, November 10, 2012

Weekend Projects

I LOVE DAISIES - they are such a happy flower!   This cute canvas is my weekend project just because I'm so excited about it and it will go fast.  

It comes with a stitch guide from Amy's Golden Thread...she comes up with the most amazing ideas so I'm anxious to try her suggestions.   I love all the ideas, but of course I might just change up one thing....she used detached bullions for the flower center and I'd like to try the beaded technique like Robin King used on a sunflower.  And I'm switching the background to an aqua blue since that's my favorite color.  I'll let you know how it all turns out. 

I plan to work on my fruit canvases also.   I hit the jackpot and found the 4th of my Melissa Shirley fruit series on's a peach!  

I'm so excited about it...I'm going to my LNS to look for the appropriate colors in Petite Very Velvet today.  Seems like peaches should be velvety...right?   If not, I do have some beautiful silks in my stash that will work.  I am really trying to use my own stash threads but the velvet is just calling to me and I'm so incredibly fortunate to have a needlepoint shop in my town.  Stay tuned...


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