Thursday, November 15, 2012

the gift of giving needlepoint

So, on Tuesday we talked about giving away our needlepoint as gifts?   It prompted me to think back about all the needlepoint I've done and given away to others over recent are a few:

My family draws names for Christmas and for about 5 years, the drawing was rigged in order to identify whose "turn" it was to get a needlepoint gift from Suzanne.   I wish that I had kept pictures of all those pieces.  Now, I try to photograph my needlepoint when I finish and this blog will help.   I'm hoping to enlist my daughter to help me go through the pile at Christmas and take pics of all the rest. 

The top Santa was for my Mother who decorates in pink/burgundy for Christmas.  Believe it or not, this was actually the first project  I completed after my beginner needlepoint class.  It's a line-drawn canvas by Libby Sturdy - I just changed the colors.  The second Santa was for my niece - the beard is Velvet stitch...boy, did that take a long time!   The two baby pieces were for my other niece who has two precious daughters.  The final Santa I finished into a velvet pillow myself and then gave away to a friend.  



Casey said...

Suzanne, your stitching is beautiful and love the variety of stitches. Love your blog too!! Thank you for sharing all of your past gifts.

Steph's Stitching said...

Lovely stuff. You are a prolific stitcher.

KayTee said...

Love the santa beard!!!!!!!!!!Can you share the velvet stitch?

Suzanne said...

Oh my! Blog friends make a person feel so wonderful! I will try to find my notes on the velvet stitch and share it soon. Happy Day!