Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rudolpha....the pink-nosed reindeer

This reindeer was a super-fun canvas to stitch!  The background was simply rows of different stitches.  
The antlers and legs were formed from black memory thread after the pink background was completed.  I just made a copy of the canvas before I started stitching on it so I would have a guide for the antler shape when done.  I used neon rays in the pink background and it was a bit of a booger, but the final effect was outstanding.  The pattern is one that is very easy to get "off" on, so you have to be willing to count very carefully and follow the pattern.  The cute little star is felted wool that was appliqued on top.  The easiest technique is use press-n-seal plastic wrap to trace the pattern from the canvas before you stitch - you can trace with a sharpie marker and then just move the plastic to the felt to cut out the shape!  Easy-peasy.

I like these wacky Ewe and Eye and Friends canvases a lot.

XOXO, Suzanne 

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Anonymous said...

very very cute! i love the play on "non-traditional" christmas colors!