Monday, November 19, 2012

Ornament tree

This is my 4-foot tall silver and crystal ornament tree.  My plan is to use it all year long and just change the ornaments with the season.   Of course, that would mean I have to actually send my completed needlepoint to the finisher once in a while.   Sigh...

As you are shopping this holiday season, keep your eyes peeled for the trees that shops use to display ornaments for sale.   I picked this one up in Oxford, Mississippi last year after Christmas.   It wasn't marked for sale but they were willing to sell it to me and all Christmas items were 75% off!  What a deal, huh?

Two questions today:
1.  Am I the only person who stockpiles completed needlepoint pieces and buys new canvases instead of sending out to the finisher?
2.  How do you display your needlepoint all year long?  Any favorite displays in your home?



Anonymous said...

Love the tree. no you aren't the only one who has stitched items ready for the finisher. Alas much of my stitching has been given to others. About half of what I have is keep up year round. Enjoy seeing your pieces. > Marilyn

Suzanne said...

Thanks Marilyn! Happy Thanksgiving! XOXO

Casey said...

I have a HUGE problem with not "finishing" canvases! Yikes!! I think my problem is not being happy with the way things are finished- edges not straight, etc