Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Handbag strap from a belt canvas

I stitched my first belt canvas this year and guess what???  I actually sent it to the finisher to be made into a strap for my camera bag...woohoo!  

This bag is actually designed to be a camera bag.   This one was a surprise from my wonderful daughter for Christmas last year.  It's from Jo Totes - .   There are others on the market as well.

It's interesting that some shops still advise stitchers to basketweave belts with wool hinting that that's the only thing will hold up.  I don't agree.  Modern-day finishers can do amazing work that will hold up and withstand the test of time - their techniques and products are much more advanced these days.  Why, just look at this one!  I say stitch whatever you want with fun's too short to have a boring strap or belt!  Of course, that's just my opinion and I guess we'll see how mine holds up.  I used everthing from fyreworks to velvet in this one and it turned out really cute!   I have another belt canvas in progress that will be made into a camera strap.   I seem to have stalled out on that one a little bit. 



KayTee said...
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Annette said...

Hi gal, looks great and I know when you finish a project it feels so good. Have a great Thanksgiving xo

Suzanne said...

Thanks, love! Have a relaxing and wonderful Thanksgiving yourself. XOXO

Sheena said...

I completely agree with you, no need to basketweave belts anymore, how boring! Have fun there are many stitches and fibers that hold up.