Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween!

Isn't this a crazy fun canvas?  This stitch guide for this awesome Melissa Shirley canvas was from PFOS in Lubbock and I had so much fun stitching it.   My plan is make a pillow but I haven't had time to get out the sewing machine.   I tweaked it up a little as par for the course, but it's a really fun stitching plan.  There is some glow-in-the-dark kreinik and a precious button spider and a hanging  BAT.  There is even a button WART on her nose!  I redid her crazy hair once but I think it's okay now...the first time, I had it way too took over the whole canvas...LOL.  If you think she has a lot of hair now, you should have seen it before!   so funny....

The background is Woven Ribbons and although I like the stitch, it tripped me up a lot - you have to pay very close attention to where you are in the stitches.  And I think I made my background a little big but I knew I wanted this to be a pillow and thought I needed to expand the borders a few inches...felt like a mile after I'd been stitching on that background pattern for a few days!  

Hope you are having a wonderful and safe holiday!   My daughter and I are in Orlando, Florida for a Tony Robbins seminar that starts tomorrow.   Neither one of us are big Halloween fans and didn't "celebrate" it much when she was growing up so we will most likely go eat at a nice restaurant and plant ourselves in our posh hotel for the night where it's safe from the bogey-man on this crazy night.  


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Steph's Stitching said...

Happy Halloween. She is perfect for the occasion!