Friday, October 26, 2012

Serving up some Witch's Brew...

In the spirit of Halloween, this canvas is by Melissa Prince.   I really want to stitch the matching witch's shoes canvas next so I can frame as a set - will need to put that canvas on my list.  I did my own stitch plan for this so let me know if you want it.  I started with the background, then borders and then the bubbles. The background is t-stitch. I beaded the bubbles and the ooze.   I padded the bubbles with velvet and then covered with strands of beads.  After I got all the bubbles in, I stitched the hat and could start adding smoke. 

The borders are awesome and fun to stitch.   I stitched the purple border has a rope inside as padding, then I stitched over it twice with Neon pretty and dimensional.   The inner green border is my favorite Backstitched Herringbone - with velvet and then kreinik on top.  I think I used Spooky Stitches book to find the outside green border design and then added beads and kreinik on top.  

Tortured flair couched in place makes the gray smoke and various threads like flair and sparkle rays in french knots for the white smoke.  I used Sparkles tubular mesh and shredded it before couching to make the flames - which in this picture, look like I need to tone it down a little...might need to revisit that.  Probably looks better in person.  (wink)

Have a safe and happy HALLOWEEN!


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Suzanne said...

Thanks! It really was a lot of fun to stitch. :)

Steph's Stitching said...

I love what you did with the beads.