Saturday, October 20, 2012


Well, I made a little more progress on the lemons - jury still out on whether I think I picked stitches that look okay on the fruit.  I had time to work on it Thursday night so I started the background - was trying to come up with something to use the threads I already had in my stash that were in the right shade of aqua...all was good until I ran out of the Elegance perle I was using over the top of my Sparkle Rays in the Burden stitch...literally just needed about two more strands!   Sure hope my LNS has some that matches.  If not, I will have a long way to go to rip out and start that over or mix it together in a way that looks okay.   (fingers crossed)

I got some great suggestions for the flowers and buds so I'm going to try my hand at some ribbon work this weekend.   Sorry my picture quality is not what it should be...I need to hook up my camera and upload instead of using my iPhone, but you know how spoiled we are to that little shortcut. 


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