Monday, October 22, 2012


I love beads so I decided to post one of my all-time favorite little canvases.  A pink and green crab small ornament by Patty Paints.

I beaded the entire piece and then added borders of Backstitched Herringbone using trebizond...Love!  This stitch makes an amazing border is really fun to stitch.  I used a solid lime green but the pink is over-dyed and so cute.  You have to be careful when working the backstitched herringbone with an over-dyed thread though so that your color moves with the stitch.  So instead of stitching all the angled threads and then coming back on top with the back stitches, you have to do it all at the same time...moving down your stripe with the thread.  I think it's a nice effect. 

I beaded the design using the brick stitch with colored beads to match and invisible thread.  I worked back and forth side-to-side and just changed bead colors as necessary.  It was fun and fairly quick.  I know there a lot of bead holders on the market but I finally found what works best for me.   I use a thick double sided tape and just place it on the border of the right side of the canvas since I'm right handed.  You can simply scoop up a bead with your needle as you need one and then when you are done, you just peel off and throw away.   It works just like the sticky bead pads - your beads stick instantly and don't fall off but they can be picked up easily with the needle. 

If you haven't tried the brick stitch for beading a large should!   It's so effective and fun to do.  There is a special technique for basketweave beading that I want to try next...that keeps the beads upright and provides full coverage.  Stay tuned...


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